Prepare a suitable program, and try to get a general idea about the wine offerings. Never give an enormous amount of wine tasting. 

Avoid wearing strong perfumes and face creams, since they may change the taste of wine, during the tasting. This change may affect you, as well as other participants. 

Wine tasting, should be conducted in a room that is well ventilated and lit. Either with plenty of sunlight, or, illuminated with halogen lights. In addition, white table cloths should be used, and make sure to provide napkins, pitchers of water to aid in washing out wine glasses, and a container for spitting. 

Avoid chocolates, cigarettes, teeth cleaning, coffee, salad sauces, and foods with strong flavours, prior to a wine tasting. Rinse your mouth with a small amount of white wine, or eat a small piece of bread.


Take a break, every once in a while, but do not smoke. Always refrain from smoking during a wine tasting.

Proceeding from Wine to Wine

In between each wine tasting, you should always neutralise the flavour of the previous wine, by eating a small piece of bread. If bread is not readily available, do not hesitate to ask for some.

As you move from one type of wine to another with significant differences, for example, from a red wine to a dessert wine, always rinse your glass with a little of the wine you are about to taste. Or else, replace your glass with a clean one.

Succession of Wines
Always commence with the younger wines available, instead of the mature ones. White wines, prior to reds. Lighter wines, before full-bodied wines, and dry wines before the sweet wines. Begin with the simplest wines, and move on to the more complex.


Concentration can be altered by noise. Avoid pushy vendors, and limit participant numbers. Create your own conditions and atmosphere of wine tasting. Do not let anything bother you, or stand in your way. Enjoy!!!!



Gomes Weine imports wines from Portugal, Spain and France, and possess over 30 years of experience in their commercialisation. Superior quality is what you can expect, and what differentiates the wines, of Gomes Weine, given that, they originated from the best producers, and were created by renowned wine makers.

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