Only the best wines show the best of themselves with light.

The choice of atmosphere and location, determine the quality of a wine tasting. Only with ideal lighting, the consistency of the wine glass, combined with a temperature suited to the situation, can a wine be properly evaluated, through its aroma and the body of its nectar. By firstly studying the label, we are informed about how the wine should be drunk, its classification, the producer, grape varieties and whether the wine should be decanted or not. Examination of the cork after opening permits initial conclusions to be formed, about its condition.

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Gomes Weine imports wines from Portugal, Spain and France, and possess over 30 years of experience in their commercialisation. Superior quality is what you can expect, and what differentiates the wines, of Gomes Weine, given that, they originated from the best producers, and were created by renowned wine makers.

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