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The Beira Alta is the most mountainous region of Portugal. The landscape is composed of a series of fertile depressions and bizarre rock formations, which can be seen from Serra da Estrela, it is 60 kilometres in length and has a width of 30 kilometres. Furthermore, parallel to this Serra, we can find another: Serra da Lousã, whose slopes are densely wooded, and sometimes covered with boulders. Most flocks of sheep graze in long grassed pastures, guarded by the Shepherd and his dog "Serra da Estrela", as a result, this local dog breed, are covered with long, black and brown hair, and can be thought of as a predator.

This region, frequently hit by forest fires, is beautiful, although it looks old. The rural roads are lined by granite walls. A flock of sheep cross the narrow and winding road. The Dão is charming with the grey of its rocks, which are also used to construct houses, and the green of lush vegetation.

The vines reach up to 800 metres, but the best wines come from lower altitudes, between 400 and 500 metres, around the Nelas, Mangualde and Penalva do Castelo. The Regional Wine Commission of the Dão, responsible for monitoring, is located in the Centre of the region, in Viseu. In the fifties, this organization tried to give cooperatives in the Dão, a dominant position. Thus, farmers harvested the grapes and joined together with the small proprietors under the same roof. This kind of situation may be possible in the future, because most suppliers are formed by small farmers who have vineyards and sufficient resources for their own wine cellar.

With the register of vineyards in 1989, within six months, 1500 hectares had been removed from the DOC. The wines have undergone quality control since mid-1997, the result of which may prohibit the appellation of origin; " Dão ". These measures are of greater concern, where cooperatives have more power. In recent years, we have seen, increasingly, the autonomy of some individual wine producers who recognized the potential of their vineyards, and who invested in new wineries.

The Dão region is good for producing red wines. Initially, the fermented wines possessed (“hastas”) that were hard and rigid, and had a good ageing potential. Currently, we can get more powerful and fruitful wines in the market, consisting of the Touriga Nacional variety, as well as from other varieties, which can be located in new oak barrels and that reach maturity sooner.

A good Dão is beautiful, whereby, it possesses aromas of dense fruit, a young body, a strong and fine acidity and astringent tannins, which show the potential for aging. More mature wines, possess a strong acidity and ripe fruit flavours, not to mention an impressive elegance.


Quinta do Mondego | José Maria da Fonseca |


Red Grape Varieties
Touriga Nacional | Alfrocheiro Preto | Aragonês (Tinta Roriz) | Jaen und Rufete (Tinta Pinheira).

White Grape Varieties
Encruzado | Bical (Borrado das Moscas) | Cercial | Malvasia Fina (Arinto do Dão) | Verdelho.


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