Region: Bairrada


The old province of Beira Litoral, which the DOC Bairrada belongs to, includes the lowlands between the Atlantic and the eastern mountains. They are traversed by the rivers of the Vouga, Mondego and Lis, alongside are small streams from which grow tall reeds and eucalyptus trees. In the area around Aveiro, the main crops are rice, corn, wheat and olives. Furthermore, the pine trees grow in the dunes.

Vineyards have long existed in the province of Beira Litoral, and red wines are the most produced. Small, dark, and thick skinned berries, are the most commonly found in this region. Their wines are traditionally fermented, and are highly colored, hard and storable, because they need time to mature. It is also important to note, that they are complex wines, full of finesse and flavour, and aged in oak casks.

The wines need time to breathe. A young Bairrada wine, is produced with ripe fruit and mild spice flavours. It possesses acidity and a hint of black berry, which is overshadowed by a tangy sharpness. The finish is delayed but not bitter, and the black fruit flavour is hidden in the background. Through its structure, Bairrada is suitable for long term storage of wines.

Bairrada, connects Lisbon to Porto and is also known, for its wonderful suckling pig. The expression "Suckling Pig Available", can be seen everywhere. The famous "Leitão da Bairrada" is roasted whole, with either a corn cob, or an orange stuffed in the mouth. After cooking, it is decorated with slices of orange; it can be served hot, warm or cold, and can be accompanied with a mature red wine of the region or by a dry sparkling wine. Bairrada is known for its sparkling wines, which can be served with all the regional specialities, namely: duck, kid and suckling pig.


Luis Pato


Red Grape Varieties
Baga, Alfrocheiro Preto, Bastardo, Trincadeira, Jaen, Touriga Nacional, Cabernet Sauvignon 

White Grape Varieties
Bical, Maria Gomes, Rabo de Ovelha, Arinto, Sercial, Chardonnay.



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