Wine is regarded in some countries, as a basic staple of their daily diet, and this is not only in the figurative sense. In Portugal, vineyards grow almost everywhere, and as such, production of wine is a key factor for the national economy, creating jobs and wealth for all those who rely on this medium. Wine owes its survival to the relationship it has with its consumers, even by those who drink and enjoy from lands afar, using the information they have at their disposal, to understand its evolution and enhance their knowledge.   

In Portugal, in the eyes of the older generation, a meal is not complete, without a glass of wine, thus enabling a direct involvement with the nectar. In addition, some wine lovers’, establish and maintain strong roots in wine growing, as generation after generation, day after day, cultivate their own grape vines on their properties, and the end product of the pressed grapes, is for their own consumption.

In Portugal, even those who do not directly depend on "wine" products, feel a stronger tie to those produced nationally, than to those that are imported. With all the resources available to access wines from all over the world, as Swiss consumers do, quite rightly and very well, wine never ceases to have a deeper legacy than that found in their country of origin, and this occurs everywhere, in all countries that produce wines.


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Gomes Weine imports wines from Portugal, Spain and France, and possess over 30 years of experience in their commercialisation. Superior quality is what you can expect, and what differentiates the wines, of Gomes Weine, given that, they originated from the best producers, and were created by renowned wine makers.

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