Good wine at a good price is how we would simplistically describe our business philosophy. The relationship with the client, between quality and price are a set of values that we strive to establish and maintain, regardless of whether it is with a simple table wine, or a particular type of wine.

To maintain a high level of quality, we keep in very close contact with our producers. During our visits, we sample young wines, to obtain an initial idea of the wine of the year. We continue to follow the evolution of the products, and when the wines are ready for sale, it is only at this time, that we decide to integrate them into our portfolio.

On the one hand, our priority is always to offer high quality products, without ever discarding the interest and curiosity in new products that appear on the market. Our contacts in Portugal, consist of, several winemakers and producers with whom we work with, but in the end, they are the ones who are solely responsible for developing the wine in accordance with their ideas, and only after, do we select the wines that we feel are appropriate to our market.

We offer our clients, prices from a policy that envisages long-term, fair, coherent and realistic outcomes. We sell wine and do not speculate.


Similarly,  we deliver  information about our products, producers and regions. We elaborate, e.g.: wine letters, and we organize wine tastings to cater for different situations.

Our advertising is restricted to a minimum because we believe it is more important to have satisfied clients. Having wines on offer in restaurants of haute cuisine is much more satisfying.

On the basis of this philosophy, in 1983, this company was established, and continues to thrive with over 30 years of success. Our efforts are rewarded through the daily work with our clients, suppliers, and employees. 


Gomes Weine imports wines from Portugal, Spain and France, and possess over 30 years of experience in their commercialisation. Superior quality is what you can expect, and what differentiates the wines, of Gomes Weine, given that, they originated from the best producers, and were created by renowned wine makers.

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