Thirty years ago, Portuguese wines were not known by the general public of Switzerland, and were not readily available on the market, especially quality wines, that could satisfy the most demanding or savvy consumers.

Italy, Spain and France, have always been popular holiday destinations, and in turn, their wines, were leaders in the preference of wines sought in Switzerland. But, Portuguese wines did exist, and with quality, all that was necessary, was to make them known. This task, required a knowledge of wines, as well as, passion and desire for success. Possessing these attributes, in 1983, Manuel Gomes, established Vimpor Gomes & Co. Later, with the foundations of the company in place, the decision is made to change the company name, and the company now trades and is known as Gomes Weine AG. The company, currently employs nine individuals, and, can be considered as, the great forerunner of Portuguese wines in Switzerland. Thinking, was always based on the long term, and as such, over the decades, through collaboration and cooperation,a strong rapport has been established with their suppliers of Portuguese wines. Not only have they maintained a close relationship with their suppliers, but with many of their clients, whose loyalty in some cases, dates back to the inception of the company.

Ten years on, and the number of lovers of Portuguese wines were on the rise, in the end, Manuel Gomes becomes a victim of his own personal success. As business manager, and, at the same time, its only employee, he knew that, based on his business vision, and passion of divulging Portuguese wines, he had to put in place a strategy for growth. As a result, in the beginning of 1995, Susanne Plüss, comes in as co-owner, and tries to describe the firm’s product, that is, to describe their wines. Susanne, has continued to describe and explain, the fascination and characteristics of their wines. This has lead to the publication of a spiral of notes over the last two decades.

Over the years, the business has grown, and consequently, it has broadened it circle of collaborators. As soon as, Rui Lourenço, became part of the team, the business gained a new impetus. It is important to note, that Rui, not only is the Sales Manager, but also a member of the Board of Directors. Currently, he coordinates, the day to day operations, and has already implemented dynamic steps, in a move to strengthen alignment and growth in the market of Gomes Weine AG.
The business consists of a manager, Susanne Plüss, who is attentive and diligient. Rui Lourenço and José Caraça make up its competent sales department. Secretarial duties,are efficiently performed by, Cécile Muff e Romain Muller. Then there is also, their friendly, and highly required delivery service, who are responsible for delivery of their products, and guarantee delivery anywhere in Switzerland. The delivery team, consists of drivers’ Antimo Bertolino and João Abade.

Gomes Weine AG, sells only what it imports, and believes transparency, is as important as maintaining a fair relationship, with its suppliers, employees and clients. Moreover, they are aware, that, there efforts are appreciated, as they are constantly learning something new, given that they frequently visit Portugal, and therefore are able to keep their clients informed of any new developments.

It is important to note, that Gomes Weine AG, takes great care in the choice of their range. As a result, they seek to establish a better balance between good wines, as well as being open to new products on the market, in an effort to keep alive the interest in their products. The company has its unique style, and chooses its range, based on what they believe will satisfy their segment of the market, refusing short term trends. The change, and pursuit for quality, does not make their task easy; a producer may decide to move from a product range, and also invest, in long term quality. In this way, their philosophy, remains the same: to support all winemakers, but always choose, what will satisfy, encourage, and at the same time, lead to new paths.

Even, after thirty years, their work is not complete. After moving location a number of times, in 1998, they finally set up business at, n.° 150, Spalenring, in the city of Basel. However, for a long time now, their wines have found their place, around Switzerland, in the hearts of many lovers of wine and in their wine cellars.


Gomes Weine imports wines from Portugal, Spain and France, and possess over 30 years of experience in their commercialisation. Superior quality is what you can expect, and what differentiates the wines, of Gomes Weine, given that, they originated from the best producers, and were created by renowned wine makers.

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